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New Member Tax Business Set Up Course $300

Our experienced tax professionals and educators  are ready to provide you with  the tools and knowledge needed to set up and run your own tax business professionally. As a 1099 contractor for AAA we prepare you with year-round training and support to help you set up and execute an honest, reputable, and successful tax business of your own. We teach you the importance of marketing, tax code  and professionalism. Come join the team and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Individual and small business tax prepar
Individual/Small Business Tax Preparation Services

Our experienced tax professionals are ready to provide you with accurate individual and small business tax filings. Our objective is to significantly reduce your tax liability and apply any applicable deductions to maximize your tax refund. And we provide all of the above at an affordable rate. Contact AAA Financial Services to discuss your unique situation with one of our qualified tax pros. See pricing below.

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Returning Member Personal Tax Business Course $250

As a returning AAA Financial Services contractor on your entrepreneurial journey, we continue to build upon your knowledge acquired from the previous tax seasons with AAA Financial Services, keep you up to date on the newest tax codes and guide you through coaching your own team in preparation for launching your own tax business. The course is a hybrid of tax code education and hands-on execution  of tax preparation. This training course is for the members who have already completed at least one tax season with AAA Financial  Services and are on the continued upward trajectory for success and becoming your own boss.

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Small Business Development
Entity Formation

AAA Financial Services provides small business development assistance to our Schedule-C clients with the creation of long-term value to them as well as their customers in mind. Perhaps the most important choice business owners face is choosing the type of business entity under which to operate. AAA Financial Services offers expert advice based on the variables of our client's circumstance, and facilitates the filing process with the Secretary of State while consulting our clients on their best practices for the purpose of taxation moving forward. See pricing below.

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Individual and small business tax prepar
Become a New Client or New Member Recruiter

As a referral agent for AAA Financial Services, we reward you in two ways for your service. If you are good at recruiting clients but don't necessarily want to be a tax preparer we compensate you as a referral agent for both new client successful preparations and/or if you recruit team members for AAA who have a desire for a new entrepreneurial endeavor and join the team under new memberships. We compensate you $25 for every successful new member training course completion (the recruit must prepare taxes in the tax season until the end of tax season)  and /or for each client referred that has a tax preparation resulting in a successful refund. Come on and help make AAA Financial Service a success.

Professional Tax Audit Protection

AAA Financial Services works to ensure each of our clients receives the best service possible. As an added value service, we offer audit protection to our clients in the unfortunate event that you are audited by the IRS. If you receive any letters or correspondence from the IRS, you can count on the audit services we offer to help you every step of the way.  Don't try to fight the IRS on your own! Ask your tax professional about Audit Protection today!

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IRS Payment Plan
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Our vision at AAA Financial Services, LLC. is unique and seldom found at other tax firms. Rather than our primary focus being on transactional relationships with our clients, we work to foster a proactive relationship that moves both parties toward a greater goal. We aren’t looking for a "big pay day" from each client that we service. Those companies don’t last.  In each encounter, we seek to further the objective of achieving economic growth, financial education, and quality service at an affordable price without compromising value.

At AAA Financial Services, LLC. our goal is to assist individuals and small businesses by utilizing tax havens that are applicable to their unique circumstances, minimizing their tax lability, and maximizing their tax refunds. We are here to provide insightful advice to empower our clients to make informed financial decisions.

Don't trust just anyone to provide your tax services. Contact the professionals with years of experience, integrity, and the commitment to provide you with the best tax service. Contact AAA Financial Services, LLC. today!





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